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The CentrePort School platform seeks to extract the finest of distilled truth, learning and impartations, and make them available to the saints in one schooling experience.

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Our Director Welcomes You

I am glad you made the decision to enrol at CentrePort School of Ministry (CSOM)

CSOM, as you may already know, is a cluster school, hosting several inter-linked schools (or faculties); but regardless of which School you are presently enrolled in you will find that our courses have been meticulously crafted to not only deepen your spiritual insight but also to bring you to the cutting edge of God’s current speaking in this area. You would find as you go through the program that we bring you practical, real-time, working knowledge rather than rational arguments and useless information meant to fire up your imagination. Our goal is impartation, activation and empowerment. Our instructors have been carefully selected to ensure that what you leave with is impartation. Our operational model is “baptism” – they are tasked to baptise you into everything they have become in God. Many of them have decades of proven walk with God, and have in some way pioneered in the field in which they would be instructing you.

Truth is, as we advance towards earth’s final hours Darkness is gaining the ascendancy in the structures of society and it is unrelenting. We must become intentional in our spiritual development; we must transcend whatever hell is throwing at us, and we must do it quickly. The ultimate goal of CSOM is to raise Sons of God! I hope you will find your time here to be one of your greatest investments in life. God bless you and see you in the classroom.

- Ernest Paul
Student Reviews
Yewande Ali-Balogun
The school imparted me greatly . The three major parts would be in the place of Dreams, Prophetic intersessions and prophetic counselling.
DREAMS: I move primarily in the realm of dreams. I learnt that it's a means of visual revelation. I d always thought it was a lower gift and I was less of a Seer until I learnt during the prophetic school that dreams are visions of the night time. It was truly liberating and encouraging. I learnt about dream symbols: colors, creatures, numbers, names, faces etc. Since then I hv received direction for life, instructions on particular issues, guidance, warnings etc all because I started paying attention to my dreams. I must add that some of those dreams turnecd out to be the difference between life and death!
PROPHETIC INTERSESSION: I learnt during the school that I can pray the heart of God!. Since then, when I have a burden to pray on something or for someone (usually revealed in a dream), I don't just throw prayers at God, I receive his thoughts on the matter and then go on pray the prayers of God! I also find grace to endure in the place of prayer.
PROPHETIC COUNSELING: When I have the opportunity to talk to someone, I engage the Spirit of Counsel. Sometimes I m given insight, sometimes words of comfort, encouragement, etc. A never knew counselling could be prophetic prior to the school.
Obehi Agbator
I was a part of the first and second Prophetic School at Centreport. One of the greatest things that the school did for me was to establish my confidence in my ability to hear God's voice. We were helped to see that being Prophetic is not reserved for a special few, but is the normal functioning of every child of GOD.
For the first time, language was given to certain experiences that I had been having, but could not fully explain, one of such experiences being visions of the mind. This in turn gave me reason to be more attentive and stewards such operations. O we were taught to be very deliberate.
I also saw that GOD speaks to us in more ways than I had previously known, and that we do not have to wait for a sovereign act of GOD to receive intelligence from the spirit, but we can always look to see at will.
Certain things I learnt in the school are still a huge part of how I function in ministry, like when I have to give a Prophetic word to first times at our Church. O the joy when I see the response of people and have them come back to me to say that I had spoken things that only they and GOD had knowledge of. And of course, my personal walk with GOD has also moved to a deeper and richer place and I literally live listening for, and leaning in to the voice of GOD all through the day, everyday.
I can definitely say that the Prophetic School was one of the defining points in my walk with GOD. I actually plan to attend the upcoming one, if GOD will.
Funke Ogunlami
Prophetic School made me aware and deliberate about the communication of God to me...before then I see numbers and similar words but didn't really pay attention to them. After then I became aware of colours and numbers coming to me which defined some certain things the Lord had spoken to me earlier.
Prophetic School made me understand that the realm of the spirit is open to me and I can see feel sense and hear.
PDuring one of the practice sessions I had with another student to see who we are in the Spirit and myself was revealed to me...this changed my perception and my knowing of myself because I was going through a rough time back then at work which helped my confidence at work